A Room Full of Black Boys [1]

They cannot know you

You with your auburn

With your alabaster

With your ebony

With your freckles

You with your love of man

With your love of woman

With your love of X

You who are everything Other

And everything Same

Be as you are

You who are far from They

Infinite as Universes and

Equally (mis)understood

Leave them confused

You who is foreign and feared

Who was looked at strangely

Tickle their fancy

As they peek in let them know

It is by permission alone

That this is a tasting plate, not a meal

Something, but not

Enough for paltry summary

Live roundly, like the world

They once tried to flatten

In this chamber

In this room

I fill it up with you

It is inexhaustible

For you are shapeshifter supreme

You are reality

You are a dream

You are Blackboy


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